With season 2 starting in just a few days, we wanted to freshen up on American Gods. In 2017, it burst onto Starz and quickly became one of our all time favorite shows. It’s beautiful, fun, unique, and stuffed to the brim with super hot people. It’s literally everything we ask for out of a TV show.

One thing we’ve talked about before is that we love when our fantasy media goes hard. Usually we’re left wanting them to go harder, but not American Gods. Not only are there scenes of hyper-violence, but there are not one, not two, but THREE erect penises. And that’s three more than we were expecting. We just loved this show from top to bottom.

We are however worried for season 2. The showrunners, well, RAN and now we’re stuck hoping season 2 turns out ok. Our one anchor is Neil Gaiman, who wrote the novel and is still heavily involved in the show. He’s our ray of sunshine even though we lost a few of the actors in the turnover.

Anyway, there’s WAY too much to go over in this text, so just listen to the episode where we spell out so much that we loved, and why we’re a little wary of what’s coming. So gather round the fire and get cozy for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!