You all know by now that we’re fans of Mermaids. They’re just cool. Not like Ariel the Little Mermaid, though we do like her, we mean like OTHER mermaids. Nice ones, mean one, happy ones, sad ones. Any mermaid will do. Thankfully, we have a few current shows to watch that deal with this race of underwater creature and we’re watching them!

So before diving into TV, we talk first about a movie we’ve been meaning to revisit for a while, Lady in the Water. Yes, THAT Lady in the Water. By most people’s standards, this is where director M. Night Shyamalan took a turn for the worse. But ya know, we kinda like it. Next up we talk about Tidelands, Netflix’s first Aussie-produced show. It’s a bit odd, but we found things to like about it. Hopefully they make some changes for season 2 though. Finally, we wrap up by talking about Freeform’s Siren. This was a show we loved in season 1, and now that season 2 is mostly over, we’re not so sure.

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag today. Nothing for us to outright gush about, but nothing that we super hate either. These are all things we’d recommend watching and forming your own opinion on. Maybe some of the things that didn’t work for us will work for you. Either way, curl up in your favorite mermaid-tail sleeping bag and join us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


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Ep 131 Mermaids 2: 2 many mermaids . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . 🚨Spoiler Talk🚨 The Lady In The Water: 3:45 Tidelands: 30:35 Siren Season 2: 55:00 . . 1. The Lady in the Water / Tidelands / Siren: Season 2 2. Lady in the Water’s got a Heap of a Story for you… 3. 🎶No, I don't want no Scrunts. A Scrunt is a wolf that’ll scratch your Narf, you see 🎶 4. Freddy is half pumped to be here! 5. Tidelands cast (at least for now) 6. Bad Mermaid Hair 7. I’ve got some liquids Adrielle could manipulate 8. The Siren Effect 9. At least two of us are bearable 10. Ben and Maddie are love . . . #PodernFamily #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #Cinema #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #MovieReview #Funny #PopCulture #MovieOfTheDay #NowWatching #Mermaid #Mermaids #TheLadyInTheWater #MNightShyamalan #BryceDallasHoward #Narf #Siren #Sirens #Freeform #Tidelands #Netflix #ElsaPataky #MattiasInwood

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