We’ve been at least medium supportive of Disney doing live-action remakes of their beloved classics, despite their somewhat rocky track record. We liked Cinderella a lot, Jungle Book was really great, even Beauty and the Beast had some redeeming qualities. Dumbo was shaping up to fit right in as trailers made it look cute and happy-sad and a return to form for Tim Burton.

Unfortunately we were swindled. The movie is a MESS! Dumbo himself, cutest thing ever. Every time he flies you feel like you’re flying with him. However that is the ONLY interesting part of the movie. No one seems to have been at the helm for this one. The script was laughable, the actors had no direction, and a movie that should have been PACKED with emotion fell completely flat. And in Wil’s own words, it takes talent to make Eva Green dull.

So Dumbo didn’t work for any of us, least of all husband/editor Will who almost walked out. It’s boring, directionless, and really squanders a story that honestly could have done with a bit of updating. As you know, we don’t love piling on to things we don’t like so this is a bit sorter of an episode. So come commiserate with us as we mourn what should have been on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!