DC is currently trying to pull itself back from the brink. Wonder Woman was supposed to right the ship, but Justice League undid all that hard work. And Aquaman was fun and splashy, but you’d be hard pressed to call that movie “good”. So we were cautiously optimistic about Shazam, but based strictly on Zachary Levi’s charm alone.

We are happy to report that Shazam was totally excellent! Sure, Zachary Levi did some work carrying the movie, but he wasn’t the only one. ALL of the characters in this, and there are many, get the right amount of screen time and feel proportionately important. The movie as a whole fully succeeds at balancing the superhero stuff we’ve all come to expect from these flicks, with the very well realized family drama. Because I’ll tell ya, this movie has things to say about the US foster system, in a good way.

We could go on and on about Shazam, and we do! For a much deeper dive into the things we totally loved about this movie, pick a seat at our lunch table and get ready to enjoy today’s episode of So…I’m Watching this Show!