…You win, or you die. Or so they say. Game of Thrones has been a pop culture fixture for nearly a decade now. And this Sunday the final season starts. Well, the final season of this series starts at least. HBO have already announced plans to explore the universe further in new shows.

Anyway, we’ve been pretty on board with Game of Thrones from minute one. The medieval palace intrigue setting and some soft fantasy reels you in early before they start throwing dragons and women giving birth to shadows at you. But it’s not a perfect show. It takes a lot of its violence too far for shock value, it treats women poorly, and it makes unnecessary changes from the book, its most grievous offense. But there’s enough greatness to keep us coming back.

Game of Thrones has been and will continue to be the water cooler’s most talked about show. So today we wanted to do a little catch up on where all the characters are at, and talk a bit about each of our relationships with the show, it’s characters, and now that it’s ending, where the actors are headed. So grab an oversized goblet of whatever wine you can find and settle into a pointy chair for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!