As you know by now, we don’t like to be downers. We like to like things and we do our best to find the good in everything. Such is the case with American Gods Season 2. We had a lot of weird feelings going into it since we loved Season 1 and then so many behind the scenes changes happen. We weren’t sure what to expect.

Ultimately, we found things to like. However, it took some time. Wil promised not to complain about the budget or the lack of Bryan Fuller past episode 4, and he mostly stuck too that. It was a glaring issue though. The show was missing that “gloss” that American Gods Season 1 had. Supposedly they filmed using infrared film (exxxxxxxpensive) which gave it kind of a signature style. With it gone, it felt very different despite the content being on par.

This season’s biggest problem was that it was slow. Lots of characters separated, meandering around the country with no clear goal. This issue reared its head in almost every episode. But thankfully there are enough interesting characters and stories that they found their way to a mildly satisfying season finale.

It was better than I’m making it sound. Find out exactly what we liked and what we didn’t on today’s episodic episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!