We really like doing themed episodes. Holidays usually make it easy, but for Mother’s Day, we weren’t exactly sure how to approach it. But with a little thought, we landed on two movies: Brave, and Dumplin’.

So why these movies? Well Kristin has always loved Brave, and Dumplin’ is a movie with a mom in it that’s somewhat topical. That’s the short story. The longer version is that Kristin has always had a complicated relationship with her mom and both of these movies really show that aspect of life in their own, completely different ways. That, and the fact that one is a Pixar movie that Wil had never seen and one was a Jennifer Aniston movie that NEITHER of us had never seen.

Our feelings on the movies are many and varied but we like both of them for different reasons. We go in depth on each movie individually, and get into some personal stuff about our own relationships with our moms. So grab a beer, put on some Dolly and settle in for today’s mom-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!