Now that was a good episode! We got lots of great world building, introductions to several new characters, the deepening of some relationships and a whole JR Bourne! Plus Jordan almost got laid by the first girl who’s ever looked at him! Also Clarke got a pretty dress and to pet a dog. All in all it was a great episode so let’s get started!

While Abby is still trying to save Murphy our heroes are set upon by, thankfully, more than just creepy children. The rest of the Sanctum residents gather around and predictably everyone starts losing their shit. But not before Murphy takes a turn for the worse. Luckily, JR Bourne is there to keep everyone from killing each other and he gets one of Sanctum’s medical professionals to have a snake bite Murphy to counteract the pond water he inhaled during the red sun. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot going on already this season and it’s helpful to just take it all at face value and not think too deeply on everything.

With Murphy saved from the hellish pond water, our heroes are taken into custody in the local pub while the Sanctum residents try to decide what to do with them. There’s a couple moments of both Murphy and Raven (but mostly Raven) still being dicks to Clarke but I’ve mentioned that enough probably so we’re going to move on. The good news is that Bellamy is backing Clarke completely again and he agrees that she should be the one to represent them with the Sanctum leaders.

While everyone is having a decent time in Sanctum part of the group goes back through the woods to get the dropship and move it within the confines of the town because of something called the Children of Gabriel. They get there in time, but just barely as Madi, Gaia and Diyoza have been drugged by the Children. Octavia takes it upon herself to murder literally everything that movies, as is her instinct and this appears to be the last straw for Bellamy who won’t let her back on the ship with them.

Look…I’ve been annoyed with Octavia for a while now, but I don’t think it’s the smartest thing to leave her out of the society you’ve found just so she can OBVIOUSLY become the leader to another set of grounders. You would think that Bellamy would have a little more insight into Octavia by now, but evidently no. Also can we just blame this whole nonsense on Niylah because she’s the one who woke Octavia early like a dummy.

Back at Sanctum Clarke has gotten a new dress so she can go have dinner with JR Bourne’s Russell Lightbourne and his wife Simone and they can talk about how to share Sanctum. Unbeknownst to her though, Jordan has been running his dumb little mouth to Delilah, the daughter of the pub owner so the Lightbourne’s know all about Wanheda and her penchant for murder. They’ve decided they can’t share their community with “murderers” so Clarke and her people are out of luck.

It’s here that I would like to say, I totally understand where Russell is coming from. In addition to Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia there are literally hundreds of criminals on the Eligius IV. That’s a pretty big risk to take just to be a good person. On the other hand I am so sick and tired of everyone judging Clarke’s current headspace on decisions she made 230 years ago after she was forced into a corner and before she became a mother. The fact that no one can see how she’s grown and how much she wants to make better decisions and make a better life for Madi is infuriating every single week. At this point only Bellamy and Abby seem to believe she can do anything differently than she has been.

While Jordan continues to spill his guts and nearly get lucky with Delilah on his first try, the Children of Gabriel manage to infiltrate Sanctum while the shields are down to let the ship in and they tranquilize both Jordan and Delilah. Talk about a cock block. When Clarke finds out what has happened she immediately gets back into commander mode and helps Russell find both Delilah and another child named Rose. In doing so she gets cut on the hand and Russell can see that she’s a nightblood.

Despite this being a whole other planet, the nightblood still seems to be pretty important and since Clarke has saved some people they decide our heroes can stay. Unfortunately for them, Octavia is still out in the woods and she has, as expected, already become a new leader for the Grounders 2.0. Moving forward this is sure to be an issue, but for now I’m mostly just psyched that Clarke has a chance to prove that she’s working toward something better. Maybe in the next couple episodes she can have it out with Murphy and Raven and we can all move forward.