We are not the people who poo poo all over the Disney live-action remakes. We really liked Cinderella and Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast was passable at least. In theory we’re on board as long as they’re done well. Because come on, it’s Disney. They have the resources to do these the right way. Unfortunately, Aladdin doesn’t exactly live up to its predecessor.

When they announced Aladdin, we were (as usual) surprised that they would bother since the original is so great, but also excited to see what they do. Then they announced Guy Ritchie as director and we couldn’t help but ask…why? Sure he can direct some action but we immediately were skeptical. Then, IT happened.

They released the first trailer for Aladdin and answered everyone’s BURNINGEST question: What is Will Smith’s Genie going to look like? And suffice it to say that it disappointed and we became VERY nervous for the movie. But we always do our best to give movies their fair shake so we went into it hopeful that they might exceed our rapidly lowering expectations.

And I guess they did. We wound up enjoying parts of it. In particular, the script was pretty solid and was even strong at points, mainly the new Genie parts. It was not a complete win though. Find out where we thought the movie succeeded and where it failed the hardest on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!