Once in a while we find ourselves in a situation truly befitting the namesake of our podcast. Such is the case with Netflix’s new teen(ish) drama, The Society. We chucked it on just to take a peek, we thought it was fine, but by episode 3 we were totally in love. Thus, we decided to have you guys along for our journey!

The Society follows a group of about 200 teenagers (all over 16 they’re careful to say) who find themselves in a bizarro version of their hometown. All roads lead nowhere, all communication is cut off aside from calls/texts between their own phones. Odd for sure. So we follow them as they attempt to survive in this new landscape and build a new…drumroll… SOCIETY!

It’s really great. Shows like this in lesser hands could easily fall into the same traps as old WB shows where everyone gets terrible and everyone makes the worst decisions at all times. And you expect them too in The Society, but they manage to give it much more nuance. Certainly more nuance than we were expecting. There’s people we hate for sure, but every show needs villains, right? And even they are pretty interesting.

We recorded our thoughts on The Society in chunks so you can kind of follow along with us if you want. Or if you’ve already watched it, you can relive your journey and see how ours compares! Either way, strap in for this long episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!