The X-Men franchise has had a roller coaster of a lifespan. Two somewhat revolutionary movies to start, followed by two total flops. Then Wolverine goes to Japan giving us hope for the X-Men property. After that, two new X-Men main line films, First Class and Days of Future Past, pass the torch to a new set of heroes, while Logan does so well it threatens earning awards. A strong streak until Apocalypse, and now Dark Phoenix.

Apocalypse should have been great. He is one of the X-Men’s most famous comic villains. Done right, he could have spanned several films in a Thanos-esque role. Instead it was rushed and weak and with no build up the character and the film underwhelmed. Dark Phoenix hits a very similar bump. The Dark Phoenix saga from the comics is huge in scope and cramming it into one movie is a fool’s errand as proved by comically bad filmmaker Brett Ratner with Last Stand.

The new Dark Phoenix movie is watchable, more so than Last Stand and Origins Wolverine combined I’d say. But it is still a massive failure and pails in comparison to the great things that have been achieved in the franchise prior. As you know, we try our best to like things, and we do like some things here, but this was a tough one. Strap in for our take on Dark Phoenix on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


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