All of us at SIWTS are the right age for the original Men In Black to land at just the right time. We were teenagers, Will Smith was at his peak of popularity, and Tommy Lee Jones was in it so it was an easy sell to the parents. Thus, we all have fond memories of the OG flick.

Now, in the age of the Avengers, they’re trying to bring back the MIB name with Men In Black International. Smartly, they even took two stars from the MCU and put them in the leads, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. And it works! It’s not new to us so it doesn’t pack that same punch of originality we got in 1997. However, the chemistry between the leads is just as strong and it real hit that MIB vibe.

Is it going to win any awards? Absolutely not. It was good but predictable and it had some questionable effects and wigs. But despite critical blowback the audiences are enjoying Men In Black International and hopefully that’s enough to signal them that we’re going to want more. That said, hear our specific opinions NOW on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!