This is likely going to be a pretty short one to be honest. Not a ton of consequence happened in this episode and while it was a good one, I’m going to be repeating myself from previous recaps a little if I go too long. All the same issues still apply, the biggest being that Clarke is absolutely not dead. There’s literally no way this show would have killed her only to have Eliza Taylor play a different character.

That being said, every single character tonight was in legit mourning over Clarke (except Murphy) so it was kind of annoying. I mean they all just fully accepted it without doing any medical research or checking with Abby or Jackson to see if there was a way to get the Josephine flame out of Clarke’s head. It was just full steam ahead sadness especially for Bellamy.

Madi was pretty sad for a minute when Bellamy told her Clarke was dead (again, jumping the gun) but she immediately started taking more guidance from the “Dark Commander” in her head and decided they were going to kill everyone in Sanctum for killing Clarke. At least she’s being proactive. As much as I love Bellamy and his relationship with Clarke, the man broods so easy. Meanwhile Abby is still totally oblivious to the fact that Clarke isn’t Clarke even when she starts talking about how great it would be to be immortal and how they could save Marcus with the flame and another body. Step it up, Abby!

Back out in the woods, Octavia and Diyoza are still on their journey, but now Octavia’s hand that was exposed to the temporal storm has begun to age rapidly and spread to the rest of her body. They manage to find a cure by using the sap from the ossified trees that were hit by the same storm but their new grounder friend insists it’s a temporary fix at best. Again, not much of consequence, but some more nice world building.

Honestly, that’s pretty much it for this episode. There’s some more of Raven being Sanctum’s hugest bitch but I can’t stand to watch that so I don’t want to write about it either. Marcus is also still totally benched which feels weird unless this was filming at the same time as “The Passage.” Either way this was a bit of a filler episode to get everyone on the same page about Clarke before they start making some moves and to put a ticking clock on Octavia. Hopefully everyone wises up quickly and figures out a way to get Clarke back from the Josephine flame.