Yesterday has caused a lot of confused looks in our household. “Hey have you seen Yesterday?” “Did I see what yesterday?” “No, the mov… ah forget it”. But alas, Yesterday the movie, directed by Danny Boyle is finally out and we actually know what the deal is now!

We were a little split on this one leading up to its release. Kristin thinks the Beatles are great, thinks Lily James is great, and thinks Danny Boyle is great. So she was hype. Wil on the other hand is not a huge fan of the Beatles so he was more apprehensive. However, the Danny Boyle of it all was intriguing so he saw it without too much of a fight.

Turns out we both loved it, with some caveats of course. You can hear about those in our episode. Duh. But overall the movie was an absolute delight and they even sprinkled in some sci-fi in true Danny Boyle fashion. It was just nice and if you’re at all a fan of the Beatles or are somewhat interested in the movie, just go see it.