There are very few creature features that you can watch and say “Wow, that was legitimately great!” But, like any movie, even a simple idea executed well can be good, funny, or even scary. Such is the case with both of today’s movies: Lake Placid and the latest gator flick Crawl.

We started seeing trailers for Crawl a few months back and were immediately intrigued simply because it takes place in Florida. It’s not the part of Florida where we live, but it’s close enough. Plus, Sam Raimi’s name was attached as well as Alexadre Aja (High Tension) as director. So we made the collective decision to prioritize this and we don’t regret it. We had a lot of fun even if some of us (Kristin) watched most of the movie through our fingers.

Lake Placid was the obvious pairing for us because there’s a gator in it. Well, it’s a crocodile, but we’re fudging the numbers a bit on that one. It’s just a classic and it really nails the humor needed to make something so campy work. A man gets his head bit clean off, Betty White tells cops to suck her dick. It’ great. And Wil hadn’t seen it so it was win/win.

Overall we had a fun weekend watching and talking about scary water creatures that certainly want to eat us. We recommend taking the time to see Crawl even if not in the theater. So grab a road flare, signal the gators to your position, and check out today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!