It is Wil’s birthday today! Everyone get on Twitter and let him know what’s up @willo719! That said, we decided to have him choose the movie for today’s episode. It seemed only fair. As such, he selected his favorite movie, 2003’s Peter Pan.

He know this is an odd choice, but if you know him you won’t think so. It’s not in Disney’s stranglehold so they are able to much better explore the themes of the story, including the sexuality of coming of age teens. Not to mention the fact that it’s just a beautiful film to look at, which extends to the beautiful Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook.

Will we tell you it’s the best movie ever made? Definitely not. We’re self-aware enough to know that the movies we fall in love with aren’t necessarily the most objectively great films. But we love this version of Peter Pan and we will happily recommend it to anyone who is a fan of ours. So if you’re ready, hold our hand while we take you on a ride to Neverland on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!