We were reluctantly kind of excited when we started hearing things about the “live action” Lion King remake. They were saying a lot of words we like: Donald Glover, Beyonce, Billy Eichner, etc. Then we started seeing trailers and our initial excitement waned slightly when we realized they very conspicuously left out any footage of the characters talking. And for movie about talking animals, that was odd.

Turns out there was good reason they weren’t showing it to us. Not that it looked bad. It just didn’t look like anything. No life, no soul, no color, just flat boringness. And boy did Will really hate this. You guys are in for a rare treat as Wil unloads about this version of Lion King. Not since Alita have Wil and Kristin truly disliked something, but this is it.

And you know us by now – we like to like things. Unfortunately there just isn’t much to like about this one. It’s even worse than Aladdin. Just so the whole episode isn’t a downer, we bookended our Lion King chat by talking first about new SDCC Hot Toys, and end with a chat featuring Sade of Offscreen Babble about the Cats trailer. It’s really quite something.

So we hope you like this episode and honestly we kind of hope you like Lion King too. We don’t like people wasting their money. But it’s not great. So grab a CG drink, get cozy in your CG recliner and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!