You may recall us talking before about a thing we call “medium movies”. Movies that don’t try to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Movies that aren’t trying to bust any blocks. Just movies for the sake of movies, for better or for worse. These movies tend to be medium budget with medium talent, but occasionally turn out to be more than medium fun.

So we decided to watch a couple medium movies that we think you guys should check out on a lazy Sunday afternoon: A Perfect Getaway and Savages. These movies will not blow your mind. But they are fun and colorful and kinda poorly written and we enjoyed that they aren’t going to stick with us for weeks the way a heavy drama or a super hero movie would. We think people don’t know how to enjoy movies that have no stakes anymore, and these movies kind of embody that ‘no stakes’ philosophy.

We know that this isn’t really a ringing endorsement. “So are you saying these movies are bad?” Absolutely not. They just probably aren’t going to take a place in your top 5, and not every movie has to accomplish that. Anyway, we think you should watch these movies first, not for spoiler reasons, but more so you can compare your thoughts with ours! Then we’d love to hear from you about them over on Twitter or Instagram. But if you’re ready, grab your two boyfriends, have a wargasm, and check out today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!