I know what you’re thinking. “More medium movies?! Watch something good, why don’t you!” Hold up. First of all Brendan Fraser is great. Second of all, Wil has had a bit less time to record this month due to life probs so back off! JK, but hey at least there’s a reason for our string of mediumness.

For those to young to remember, Brendan Fraser was a leading man in the late 90s-early 2000s who seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. He was well-liked, handsome, and even made some pretty great movies. His most famous flicks are of course the Mummy franchise (which we’re going to cover separately at a later date), but he also made a lot of other fun and charming stuff which we’re going to focus on today.

So today’s movies are George of the Jungle, Blast from the Past, and Bedazzled. We were more than a little worried about revisiting all of these. As usual, because we want movies we’re fond of to hold up. Fortunately they all do pretty well, despite the occasional off color comment here or there that doesn’t work by today’s standards. But if you can watch them in context you’ll like all of them. Wil even wound up loving Blast From the Past!

So all around it was a fun couple days of watching old Brendan Fraser movies, and we hope that after last year’s GQ interview with him we start to see him popping up in movies a bit more. He’s on Doom Patrol and he’s taken some bit parts in TV, but we think there’s still a leading man in there.


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