Snow White and the Huntsman came at a pretty weird time for us. We were hard at work on our re-imagining of classic fairy tales, and along comes Hollywood with their fresh take on one. I mean who did they think they were?! Lucky for us it didn’t go exactly great for them.

The movie didn’t fail, but it didn’t quite succeed. Kristen Stewart was chosen to fill the titular role of Snow White and we can’t think of a worse choice. Not that we blame her. Twilight did her kind of dirty and she was miscast in things for a while. We fully love her now, evidenced by how much we loved her on SNL. We’re also really hype for Charlie’s Angels. She just isn’t Snow White.

Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman and it works out a little better than Kristen Stewart does. Though his part is not without its faults. The only one who really seemed to know what movie she was in was Charlize Theron. She was by far our favorite part and when she saw scenery boy did she chew it right up. It’s what the movie needed so much more of.

We obviously don’t hate this movie otherwise we wouldn’t have rewatched it. However, it is imperfect and we tell you exactly why on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!