When we started watching Euphoria we had no idea what to expect. The trailers were intriguing but don’t give away anything. And we love Zendaya, but this was different than anything we’ve seen her do before. All we knew was that it was giving us Assassination Nation vibes and since we liked that movie, Euphoria appealed to us.

Funny enough, upon further research, Euphoria is basically built from the ground up by Sam Levinson, who wrote and directed Assassination Nation. Not quite a coincidence, but it says a lot about his style that we so easily connected the two. Euphoria is also apparently somewhat autobiographical adding yet another level of interest.

The show is PACKED with interesting characters. We don’t like all of them, but we find them all worth paying attention to. Everyone has an arc – None of them feel forced in. Euphoria is so rich with story that it needs this many characters to support it.

So far this is one of our favorite shows of the year. It tackles a lot of difficult subjects, it has great tone and visuals, and we love what everyone on screen is doing. We “recommend” it. But it’s 100% not for everybody. Find out exactly how we feel in this extended discussion on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!