You may have noticed that August has been somewhat weak for new movies. To fill the space we’ve been talking about medium movies a lot, but I’m sure you’re ready for something different. So today we’re talking about an absolute classic, Clue!

Clue is based on the board game, which admittedly sounds like a dumb premise for a movie. But as an adaptation it lends itself to an exciting mystery, an ensemble cast, and an interesting location. Pair that with a troupe of comedic actors at the top of their game and what comes out the other side is an unmissable piece of art.

We have seen the movie many times, but not since we started the podcast so this viewing was a bit of a test to see if Clue holds up. And we’re happy to say it does, for the most part. It came out in the 80s so not every line would pass today’s standards, but nothing serious breaks the flow of the movie.

Clue has always been one of our faves. Not only is it an excellent and hilarious movie, but it’s infinitely quotable, as you’ll hear in today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!