Season three of Claws was certainly as fun as previous seasons, but it was a little more up and down than we’re used to. The first handful of episodes were great and exciting. The introduction of Mac and Melba was just zany enough to work and everyone’s characters were getting some much needed shaking up. 

Unfortunately when we got to the middle of the season some of those shakeups started making less sense. Mac and Melba started to feel like cut characters from season three of Twin Peaks and it felt like we’d lost the whole plot. We weren’t quite ready to give up on the whole show, but it did start to try our patience. 

Luckily the end of the season pulled it all back together in a satisfying conclusion that’s open enough for a season four. Unluckily, Melba did not survive the season so she won’t be able to pop back up in the future, much to our chagrin. 

Despite the uneven quality of the season we still love watching all the girls of Claws each week and can’t wait for a season four so we can keep chatting with Sade from Offscreen Babble about all the hijinks they get up to. Listen to our episode by episode analysis of season three of Claws and let us know what you think!