We have loved GLOW from the beginning. Even though we didn’t prioritize season one, once we started we were obsessed! When season two premiered we thought we were excited but it was nothing compared to how we felt when we found out season three was coming. 

If you had told us three years ago that one of our favorite shows would be a half hour dramedy about female wrestlers in the 80’s I think we would have laughed at you. But GLOW has managed to plumb the depths of its premise and deliver plot lines and performances well beyond the necessary scope. Season three was no different, going even deeper into not only Ruth and Debbie, but also Rhonda, Bash, Melrose, Jenny, and especially Sheila. 

When we started season three we did so with some trepidation. Netflix has not been great lately about renewing shows even if they end on a cliffhanger so we took our time and checked in after every couple episodes to make it last longer. We were not disappointed at all. The season was a great continuation of the ongoing stories and characters we’ve come to love but it still found time to explore new beats including the inherent racism and homophobia of the 80’s. 

While we did love the season, it did still end on a cliffhanger. We’re very hopeful for a season three but also trying to accept this might be the end of one of the best series we’ve watched in recent years.