We were intrigued by Ready or Not from minute one. Not only did it promise a new pretty blond actress for us to get obsessed with in a stellar wedding dress, but we saw the first trailer alongside the trailer for The Hunt. We were super ready to usher in the era of ‘people hunting people’ movies. Alas, things changed.

The Hunt got shelved because of the recent shootings, leaving us with just Ready or Not to carry the torch. But as it turns out Ready or Not was G-R-E-A-T! The trailer was very straight forward, almost too straight forward. It shows us that a new bride is going to be hunted through a mansion in some twisted game of hide and seek. However, it also shows us several characters deaths so we were worried we weren’t gong to be surprised by anything.

We were hella wrong. Ready or Not surprised us in a lot of ways and we implore you to go see it before you listen to our episode. It is relentlessly funny for about half the movie then it becomes a straight up thriller. And a good one at that.

So strap in, don’t forget your gun, and join us for today’s fun-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!