Unless your address is 176 Under a Rock Lane, you’re aware that IT has been adapted into a two-part horror saga. Director Andy Muschietti delivered IT: Chapter 1 two years ago to great acclaim, breaking records for not just horror releases, but R-Rated as well. Now he’s back with a fresh cast of adults to complete the story first crafted by Stephen King in 1986.

IT tells the story of a group of friends in Derry, ME that come up against an evil, child-eating clown named Pennywise. The novel is two interwoven timelines which tells the story of the characters as kids, and when they face Pennywise as adults in parallel. The movies however were broken up by time period. Chapter 1 focuses on just the kids, Chapter 2 then focuses on the adults. However Chapter 2 does have more in common with the novel as it cuts in some new scenes of the kids to help shed some more light on the story.

We really liked the IT series. It’s “pretty”, and we explain what we mean by that in the episode. Not only that, it manages to actually be really funny which is a nice break to the tension horror generates. But sometimes it’s even the horror that’s funny, in a good way. Some of the things happening are so absurd and strange you can’t help but uncomfortably chuckle.

We highly recommend checking out the IT Saga if you haven’t already. It’s not the scariest thing that’s even been made, but as we explain in our episode, it doesn’t have to be. The journey is entertaining on way more levels than that. So get on your bike, take your gazebos, and head on over for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!