Hustlers was a movie that immediately jumped out at us before we even saw a trailer. So you’re telling me, our lord and savior Lili Reinhart is going to be in a movie about strippers that stars Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu? Um, yes please. We signed up and we signed up HARD. We’ve kind of learned to temper our expectations over the years, but this seemed like a home dunk.

And we were so right! It’s hard for us to remember when we’ve had this much fun at a movie. Well… Ready or Not was pretty damn fun, but in a different way. Hustlers put a bunch of strong women we love on screen together and had them stripping and taking men for all they’re worth. And it could’ve just been ‘the stripper movie’, but it wound up being so much more. Even more interesting than the ‘heists’ were the interpersonal relationships, particularly with J Lo’s Ramona and Constance’s Destiny. It was such a realistic up and down that you couldn’t help relate, even if you aren’t an exotic dancer committing fraud on a federal level.

We think Hustlers deserves a lot of attention, and thankfully it’s getting it. The movie made it’s money back on opening weekend, outstripped box office expectations, and reminded everyone that Jenny from the Block is still a force to be reckoned with. So grab a drink, sprinkle in just the right amount of ketamine and MDMA, and come hang out with us while we gush about Hustlers on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


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Ep 183 Hustlers (And more!) . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . 🚨Spoiler Talk🚨 Hustlers starts at: 3:00 SNL talk starts at: 37:00 Don’t Call Me Angel starts at: 46:00 . . 1. Title Card 2. The Cats of stripper movies 3. Put some RESPECT on JLo’s name 4. Erry day we HUSTLIN’ 5. Somebody call the cops cause there’s a Criminal on the loose™️ 6. Keke and Lili (two of the sharpest girls out there right now 7. Cardi B and Lizzo are the REAL deal 8. So how have YOU been since 2007? 9. Congrats to Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang!! 10. ⦥Don’t call me Angle⦤ . . . #PodernFamily #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #MovieReview #Funny #PopCulture #MovieOfTheDay #NowWatching #Hustlers #HustlersMovie #JenniferLopez #ConstanceWu #LiliReinhart #KeKePalmer #CardiB #Lizzo #JuliaStiles #SNL #BowenYang #ShaneGillis #ChloeFineman #DontCallMeAngel #LanaDelRey #ArianaGrande #MileyCyrus

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