Well over a year ago we started watching American Horror Story: Asylum. And then we just quit. Not for any real reason, we just got busy like we sometimes do. It also wasn’t the easiest season to get into so we weren’t very compelled to get back to it until recently when we recently. So finally, here it is! 

We’ve discussed Ryan Murphy’s myriad shows and issues in the past so a lot of our comments are not going to be news. However, there seems to be a density of bonkers stuff going on in Asylum specifically that really blew our minds, Kristin especially since this was her first time viewing the season. Even though there’s lots of great stuff in the season (Lily Rabe specifically) there’s also just A LOT of stuff in general. When you’re describing a show and you’ve already mentioned aliens, nazis, the literal devil and a 60’s asylum and you’re not even half done with the plots, that’s too many plots. 

As always, the season is anchored by truly masterful performances. From the previously mentioned Lily Rabe, in her best AHS turn so far, to the always great Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy and Evan Peters. As usual they are the saving grace of the season. No matter how ridiculous the story gets the actors are able to sell it. 

Overall, we’re glad we’ve seen Asylum, but we’re also glad we’re done with it. It wasn’t our favorite season but it also wasn’t our least favorite. Despite all evidence to the contrary we’re still pretty excited and optimistic for season 9, AHS: 1984. We’ll be doing weekly coverage on the Patreon for $3 patrons. Head on over if you want to follow our coverage as it happens!