We’re always on the lookout for movies that are big fun. And if they happen to fall in the ‘horror’ genre, even better. We saw it earlier this year with Ready or Not, and now we’re tackling a couple that we missed, Happy Death Day and the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U!

These movies obviously play on the tried and true Groundhog Day model. Our hero somehow gets caught in a time loop, repeating days until they figure out how to solve the problem, and learning things about themselves along the way. Happy Death Day doesn’t diverge too far from that general path, but setting it in a horror movie was very refreshing.

The sequel expands more on the how, exploring the science malarky behind this franchise’s version of time travel. It’s funnier overall, and we did really enjoy it, but we recognize the first one as the better movie of the two.

Have you seen these movies? If so, let us know over on Twitter! We love hearing from you guys especially about little niche movies like this. Do you agree, disagree, etc? Tell us! Anyway, click the play button and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!