Another day, another 100 Netflix shows to sift through. Fortunately for us, the algorithm put The Politician in front of us and we liked it a lot! I mean how could it miss? It’s a Ryan Murphy show, it stars Ben Platt and Jessica Lange, and oh yeah, GWYNETH! So of course we watched it and of course we liked it.

You’ll notice I’ve said “liked it” a lot. Like most Ryan Murphy shows that aren’t 9-1-1, there are some thing that held it back from true greatness. However, based on our vast experience with American Horror Story we were expecting The Politician to totally fall apart at the end. Color us surprised when we both actually thought it came together really well. Not only that, but it set up season 2 perfectly and now we can’t wait for more!

If you’ve seen the trailer for this show and feel any sort of pull by it, then watch it. There’s a good chance you’ll find something to love about it. It has that typical Ryan Murphy flair, and by that I mean it is very theatrical and over the top. So if that’s your jam, as it is ours when executed well, you will like it. So get ready to start campaigning and enjoy today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!