You’ve probably seen Zombieland. It came seemingly out of nowhere in 2009, shooting both Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg into the mainstream. Not only that, but Ruben Fleischer was a newcomer director. And there’s nothing consumers like more than a surprise hit. So this first outing totally crushed it, earning over $100mil worldwide on a $24mil budget. Pretty big win.

Now ten years later the same team is back with some welcome additions for Zombieland Double Tap. And it was worth the wait! We had so much fun with it. It wasn’t necessarily mind blowing and it largely follows the same formula as the original. However, Double Tap succeeds most in its newcomers, namely Zoey Deutch as Madison and Avan Jogia as Berkeley. They really knocked these caricatures they were playing out of the park. And the greatest feat was that Madison, the super ditzy Valley girl archetype, didn’t feel like “too much”. They handled her perfectly, and Zoey executed.

Zombieland as a series seems to know what it’s offering: over the top characters, fun situations, and some laughs. It knows it’s not aiming for awards or prestige. But the entertainment on offer is some of the best and if you’re looking for 90 minutes of fun, you could do worse than either of these movies. So do your cardio, buckle up, and enjoy the small stuff with us today on So…I’m Watching This Show!