So, as you have seen we haven’t had the #spookiest October. We’ve posted a lot of Halloween-adjacent stuff but only a couple of actual scary things. And we don’t stray from the path for our final Spooktober podcast. We’re doing Corpse Bride and Coco. They may seem like a somewhat unlikely pairing, but here’s our logic. These movies both deal with life after death, they’re both animated, and honestly they’re both heart-warming.

Since we’re not big horror-heads, these are the kinds of “scary” movies we generally like. That’s not to say we don’t like movies that are truly scary, but it’s not an all the time thing for us. We like movies like Corpse Bride because it’s pretty in its spookiness. Same with Coco, though less spooky it’s incredibly beautiful. Duh, it’s Pixar.

We really like both movies and we think you probably do too. So hit us up on Twitter with your thoughts. Anyway, it’s best to just plug in and listen to today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!