Remember Remember the 5th of November. Hey, that’s today! So what better movie for us to talk about than the one and only movie that exploits that date: V For Vendetta! As a bonus, we actually like this movie and aren’t just doing it for the gimmick.

So V for Vendetta is a bit confusing, but at it’s core it’s about one man’s quest to take down a fascist government. Fairly simple, but the way the movie spins its yarn reveals many more plots about V himself, how the current government came to be, human experimentation, and more! It’s a very rich movie that one could dig deeply into should they want to. Plus, it’s based on an Alan Moore graphic novel of the same name so there’s even more lore for you to mine if you so choose.

V for Vendetta was written and produced by the Wachowskis. It was not only their first foray away from the Matrix franchise, but it was also director James McTeigue’s first movie, somehow. You’d think that after such a competent debut he’d have done more, but really the only thing notable is a few episode of Sense 8.

Our chat about V for Vendetta drifts from what “precisely” this movie is about, all the way to “how much fascism is TOO much fascism.” We have our fun. So join us as we explore how ready Kristin is to hide in a well-appointed lair for a year with a charming gentleman who cooks her egg-in-a-hole every day on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!