Charlie’s Angels is a property that is basically infinitely remake-able in the same way as James Bond. You get a compelling lead(s), give them a problem to solve, slap on a charming villain and BOOM! It’s a recipe that works and you better believe it worked here in Elizabeth Bank’s take on the Angels.

Kristin’s crush on Kristen Stewart aside, she really loved this movie. Like a LOT. And with pretty good reason. It’s fun, funNY, and the action is passable. But really it’s how it all worked together to lift the main crew up. The Angels all felt like their own, unique characters with their own quirks and charms. K Stew in particular shines as Sabina, or the one who doesn’t take the job too seriously. We already know Naomi Scott, and she excelled. And newcomer Ella Balinska, the serious one, really rounded out the group. Even though they are all different, that rarely caused hostility between them and their cohesion as a group despite their differences really carried the movie.

Wil was a little less effusive about the movie, but he did enjoy it. He’s an old stan of the 2000s Charlie’s Angels movies, so he was looking for more like that. And while those ones were a bit more ridiculous and bombastic, this new movie is actually a sequel to them, not a reboot. They make sure to let the audience know that all previous Angels, including from the TV series, share this universe. Big plus.

Overall, if the trailer gives you any inkling that you’ll like Charlie’s Angels, just go see it. It’s getting kind of beat up by critics, but we want to hear what you guys think! We loved it, are you with us?