Kind of a weird thing to say, right? But we are long known to be lovers of things that are universally considered bad. I mean just listen to our episode about Jupiter Ascending. We’ve talked at length about the difference between someone finding something entertaining, and that something being actual ‘good’ art. And we’re going to talk about it again with Frozen 2.

There’s a lot of ACTUAL good stuff to talk about with Frozen 2. As usual, the six year gap between movies has provided ample time for technical advancements. This provided noticeably better visuals than the first film in all departments: modeling, animation, lighting, camera. Legit everything is amped up to a billion. Which in turn added to the rather Fantasia-esque quality of the film.

Those Fantasia qualities bled over into the storytelling though, which made for a rather shallow and disjointed narrative. There were a lot of characters that didn’t feel like they got enough attention in pre-production to really flush out their stories. It’s not the worst narrative we’ve seen, probably not even the worst we’ve seen this year, but as far as the story goes it certainly leaves something to be desired.

Like the title says though, we loved Frozen 2. And we’re going to watch it a lot once it hits HBO or Disney+ or wherever it winds up. It’s beautiful and fun despite its flaws and the music was great. Maybe not as good as the original, but what a high bar to aim for.