We’re back with more Teen Wolf coverage! You may recall way back at the beginning of the year, nearly 100 episodes ago, we covered season 3A. While 3A is a great opener, 3B is for sure the headliner. It’s almost universally regarded as the best season the show has to offer.

This is the season where Dylan O’Brien really takes off. I mean Stiles is already a fan favorite, but in 3B he gets possessed by an ancient spirit called an Oni. This obviously causes quite a lot of probs but gives Dylan so much amazing material to show off what a great actor he is. Lots of big stuff goes down this season so if you haven’t seen it we recommend doing that first.

For this episode we brought in our friend Tiffani from BlackGirlsDoStuffToo! She’s also a huge Teen Wolf fan and we were happy to have her join us to provide another layer of insight into the season!