Our December schedule continues to be all over the place. But at least our next movie is a legit, bonafide Christmas movie. Krampus came out in 2015 to decent reviews and decent box office, but failed to really catch on. We’re here to tell you that it should have.

The Krampus itself is kind of the anti-Saint Nicolas. Instead of rewarding the good children, it punishes the bad ones by occasionally trapping them in a snow globe or indeed just dragging them to Hell for all eternity. Pretty standard and reasonable stuff. The movie kicks off when a young boy, angry at his terrible family, throws away his torn up letter to Santa which inadvertently summons the Krampus. Thus ensues about an hour or so of Krampus’ minions harassing and stealing the family.

It is a whole lot of fun. That description may sound like it’s a straight up horror movie, but the minions are things like gingerbread men and a tree angel, so things get VERY silly. It’s not overly gruesome or gory and it really leans on the comedy to keep the mood light. Hell there’s even a cartoon ZIP sound effect when one of them get yoinked away. It’s great.

Overall, we loved Krampus. It is a cool concept with a lot of lore, executed on a level greater than this type of movie is usually afforded. It’s clear everyone making this was having a blast and that enhances the experience immeasurably. So write a nice letter to Santa, don’t go out in a blizzard to see your boyfriend, and get ready for a demon-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!