When another Jumanji movie got announced it definitely shook some people up. It was unclear whether it was a remake or a reboot, but regardless there are apparently people who hold the 1995 Robin Williams version as gospel. It turned out, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle was in fact a sequel. A pretty loose sequel, but a sequel by the technical definition.

It didn’t follow the original characters and only gently referenced the 95 flick, but it did its job appeasing that crowd. Not only that, but it totally reinvigorated the franchise. It made hella money; It did well critically; It came back for more. Jumanji The Next Level clocked a $60m opening weekend and shows no signs of stopping. It expanded upon Jungle, and even sets up another sequel with a pretty cool easter egg from the 95 movie.

You really know what you’re going to get with Jumanji the Next Level, especially if you seen Welcome to the Jungle. It is definitely more of the same. But it was such a delicious meal the first time that I’ll happily go back for seconds. For more specifics you’ll have to listen to the episode. But trust us. If you like what The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black were doing in the first one, you’ll enjoy this one.

So grab your Jumanji berry, skip the cake, and get ready for today’s adventure-fueled episode of So..I’m Watching This Show, featuring a guest appearance by Cat from ShuffleOnline!