Black Christmas didn’t really track on anybody’s radar. The trailer gives away the whole movie, and its only selling point was the name, and the release season. People like Christmas movies when it’s snowing. It is known. It is proven. Even if it’s a horror movie, you expect people to flock to it.

No such luck for Black Christmas though as it was obliterated by critics and at the box office. A complete massacre. And not totally unwarranted, but not for the reasons they want you to think. It is a poorly handled commentary about frat culture and sexual assault. Handled well, the message could have been conveyed and made for a good story. Unfortunately that’s not how it played out. The movie takes way too long to get going and when we left the theater I swear we were all bruised from how heavy handed it was.

It’s a theme that needed to be better handled than it was. But it wasn’t UNwatchable, and it was even filmed pretty well. We recommend it if you need a dumb slasher movie to put on during a party around Christmas time if your friends are weird. Otherwise, maybe avoid this one. Truly, if the trailer intrigues you maybe check it out.

Anyway, charge your cell phones and dip your foreheads in some magic blood to prepare for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!