Season 1 of You really worked for us. The story of Joe’s love and loss kept us intrigued the whole time. And while we know Joe is a “bad” guy, is he really a bad guy? Exploring that idea was a lot of fun, so when Netflix decided to continue the series which originally aired on Lifetime of all places, we were pumped. The show greatly outshined what being a Lifetime show generally implies.

In season 2 Joe is back on his bullshit. He’s got a new gal he’s obsessed with named Love, he’s kidnapped a guy in order to take his identity, and he’s moved across the country to LA. From there, a wild web of Hollywood wannabes circle Joe as he tries to navigate a slew of storylines. We loved all the new characters, all the plots, and all the Saffron Burrows. Right up until the final episode when the whole thing kind of comes crumbling down.We will get deeper about the ending in the episode.

We recorded bits after each even numbered episode. So the first chunk covers episodes one and two, chunk two is eps three and four, and so forth. So you can listen along with us to hear our thoughts in real time. Or if you’ve already finished You Season 2 then sit down and power through our whole chat. Either way, you’ll want to procure yourself a stolen identity and get a job at a hipster bookstore before settling in for our coverage of You season 2 on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!