We are big time SNL fans. Wil has grown up on it and he is happy to follow it through all its ups and downs. It is known. One major up recently has been the inclusion of Aidy Bryant. Her presence is not only great because she’s hilarious, but she adds a different kind of diversity to the show as she’s not a skinny white girl. She’d even tell you she’s fat. Such is at least part of the premise of her Hulu series, Shrill.

Season 1 of Shrill really caught us off guard. We were expecting it to be good, but we were kind of bowled over by just how good it was. It was absolutely hilarious, while being able to make statements about women’s treatment in society and in the workplace. Also, it makes huge strides to change the way women who don’t fit the societal definition of healthy are viewed. It makes no bones about using the word ‘fat’. Sometimes it’s used as a put down by Skinny White Girl Who Just Wants to Help™, but other times it’s used among other ‘fat’ girls as a support system. It was great and we couldn’t wait for season 2.

Now that season 2 is here, we totally loved it as well. It’s just as funny, if not a little bit weirder, and we’ve loved all the character arcs we’ve been able to follow. In particular, the way Gabe (her old boss) was handled has been really good. For more of our thoughts, you guessed it, listen to our episode!

Today we’re also talking about Netflix’s The Circle. It’s a reality show…WAIT DON’T LEAVE! Yes it is a reality show, but the twist is that everyone is isolated in their own rooms and can only communicate via what is essentially a social network or texting. Not only that, they kind of pull the rug out with a few people. You see these archetypes and think they’re going to be terrible, and some are for sure. However many of the contestants and even the show itself wind up being very sweet. What do you think? It’s certainly a provocative idea. Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter! Otherwise, please enjoy our streaming servicey episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!