The Magicians continues to tackle the consequences of death and grief in season five. The main plot this week was Alice and Eliot making a trek to the top of a Fillorian mountain in order to say goodbye to the last piece of Quentin’s soul. It’s not until they’re all the way up there that Eliot finally confesses (for the first time apparently?) that he and Quentin were for real in love and lived a whole life together. Alice seems to understand and they have a truly lovely moment we’ve been waiting for.

Julia and Penny are seemingly the only ones trying to stop the upcoming apocalypse by finding Dani, a magician whose discipline is condition predicting. We’re still in the middle of this plot so there’s not much more to report other than the presence of the always welcome Yetide Badaki as Dani’s sister. Margo and Fen also have a fight to the death which Margot technically wins so she can lose her banishment marks. Unfortunately it comes out that Margot would have let Fen and Josh die and Eliot saved them. Fen gets to tell off Margot which makes the whole thing totally worth it but we’re sure the consequences will continue for quite a while.