It’s time for us to revisit a classic. There was a period about a decade ago when vampires were all the rage. It’s still a thing, but not quite like it was then. Twilight kind of blew the doors open for a new generation of goth kids. But if you go back a bit further, you find some great vampire material that set the stage for the modern creature craze. We’re talking about Interview with the Vampire!

Interview with the Vampire was the first book in the Vampire Chronicles series, released by Anne Rice in 1978. The books went on to do gangbusters, but weirdly the 1994 movie didn’t spawn a franchise. That is a huge mystery to us. It was fairly well regarded and the heartthrob meter is off the charts. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater just to name a few. Plus a young Thandie Newton and very young Kirsten Dunst round out the cast. It seemed prime for a franchise especially with three more books already released and more on the way. The took a stab at Queen of the Damned, but it failed and the series’ run on the big screen ended with a fizzle.

That doesn’t stop Interview with the Vampire from being one of the most classic vampire movies ever made though. It follows a freshly turned vampire coming to terms with his new life, guided by an older but ultimately bad vampire down the wrong path. Pitt and Cruise might be odd casting, but they do their jobs, and how would any producer say no to that casting in the mid-90s. The movie has style and substance, and even though you can fairly easily poke fun at it, it’s still an interesting watch.

So have you seen Interview with the Vampire? Have you rewatched it recently? Reach out on Twitter and let us know what you think of this classic creature feature! Until then though, join us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!