We thought we had seen all of The Invisible Man in the trailer. They showed off so much that there was no way they could surprise us in the full movie. I guess we should have trusted one of the creators of Saw to have more up his sleeve than meets the eye because this movie was excellent! We’ll be blindly trusting Leigh Whannell going forward.

The Invisible Man is set up well by said trailer; a rich guy is an abusive boyfriend and when his girlfriend leaves him, he kills himself. Or so we’re meant to think. A mysterious force begins tormenting her to the point where she believes he’s really there, just not able to be seen. It’s originally an HG Wells story from the turn of the century. While this movie adaptation advances the technology into a more believable realm, the core of the story remains in tact. Super smart guy finds a way to become invisible, causes havoc. Pretty straight forward.

However, the 2020 Invisible Man manages to make a bit more of a commentary on abusive relationships, mental health, and even the way we deify tech entrepreneurs. It never feels like it’s hitting you with the point it’s trying to make. It just happens to have bonus commentary if you care to look for it.

So this movie is great. Everyone in it really nails their role, but Elizabeth Moss really embodies her role as the abused girlfriend and eventually the headstrong hero. She never let herself be totally defeated. She knows she’s right, despite how farfetched it sounds to say “My ex is invisible and is stalking me”. It’s an insanely suspenseful film akin to movies like The Others or Stir of Echoes. It’s not afraid to take its time and let you sit in the tension until you hit your breaking point. The camera spends a lot of time showing you nothing. Making you wonder if there is indeed an invisible man there or not.

So overall we really think you should see The Invisible Man. It’s well-made, well-acted, and spooky in a super fresh way that just feels good to see. We highly recommend you see it before listening. But if you have already seen it, or have no issue with some spoilers, settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!