So here was Wil’s reaching when he found out that Paradise Hills existed:

Needless to say, the excitement level went from 0-100 REAL quick. Paradise Hills looks like they cracked Wil’s psyche open and dumped it directly into a film camera. Not only is it our #aesthetic to the highest degree, but Milla freakin’ Jovovich?! This is just too much. And best of all, we didn’t find out about it until it was already on VOD so we didn’t have to wait for it even a little bit.

And with no build up time, we didn’t generate this big expectation in our head. We didn’t have time to decide what we wanted from it. So what it did give us, we liked. It’s a near-ish future dystopia where girls are sent to a mysterious island for some relaxation and reprogramming, if they don’t fit the societal ideal for their class, upper or lower. As you might expect, something more nefarious is going on than some simple spa routines and exercise. No spoilies, you should just watch it.

Paradise Hills is unabashedly weird, but in a good way. You’re dumped into this world with no context and it watches to see if you can keep up. It definitely has something to say about class and women’s role in society, and maybe a bit more if you want to dig deeper. It feels cheap, but again not in a totally bad way. This was a brand new director working with a Spanish crew and American actors and there was almost definitely some stuff lost in translation. But it’s almost more exciting that way.

This odd little movie worked for us. Will it work for you? We truly don’t know, but we think you should try it out. We recommend going in spoiler free, so if you’re ready, drink your milk and join us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!