The Hunt is a movie about a group of rich lib snowflakes who kidnap and hunt a group of alt-right deplorables. If those political buzzwords make you cringe, then maybe this movie isn’t for you. But if you can get past that, you’re in for a pretty fun action movie!

The Hunt hit a pretty big roadblock before its original release date of Sept 27 2019. Due to the two mass shootings that occurred the month before, Universal decided to hold it back. It made at least a little sense. It is RIFE with gun violence after all. However, we do take a bit of a deep dive into that decision and how we think it affected the movie. And now, it’s probably going to be the last film we see in theaters for months because of Coronavirus. This all equates to a pretty poor box office showing for a movie that had a bad marketing campaign and sat for too long in the back of peoples’ minds.

But The Hunt is pretty good! Not that it’s the best action movie we’ve seen even just this year, but it’s big fun! Sure the writing is VERY first draft, but that’s the worst part about it. The action is very well choreographed and certain scenes are a wicked delight thanks to the campy gore factor. Without it the movie would honestly have been unwatchable. Aside from that gory action, Betty Gilpin really carries The Hunt. She’s a total chameleon and her delivery is, as ever, absolutely on point. And boy does she do some face acting. Not only that, this is just a guess but because of her training on GLOW, her fight scene in the climax is spectacular!

There are reasons to see The Hunt. There are also reasons NOT to see it, but if you’re intrigued by the trailers you should for sure check it out. It’s not very spoilery, so if you’re ready to hear us talk all about the movie, politics, and gory deaths, simply grab a glass of World War II champagne which was recently discovered in a sunken submarine and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!