And just like that we’re finished. This one is definitely bittersweet for us as The Magicians has been one of our very favorite shows for five years now. It’s always handled subjects we’re passionate about with a nuance other shows lack. As a finale, Fillory and Further toes that same line and delivers one of the most satisfying finales in recent memory even when you can see how they could and would have set up a season six. Our heroes are somewhat separated again, though they all have someone with them to pass the time and we even get a glimpse of the new Fillory that was created with the World Seed. The episode, season, and series end in a moment just when something major is beginning. We can think of no better way for this show, which subverted expectations at every turn, to end. And while we could and would have watched this show forever, we are glad it went out at the top of it’s game and we’ll be following everyone involved in all their future endeavors!