You read that right. Easter Week is upon us and with no new movies to fill out our holiday weekend, we’re watching some themed stuff! Today we’re covering Prince of Egypt! I know, I know. Moses isn’t an Easter story. But it is a Bible story and it’s Passover this week too. Also, it’s just a dang good movie.

First let’s talk about the animation, because holy shit. Disney is often regarded as the top tier of making animated pictures, but that’s not always the case. Dreamworks has quite the repertoire of amazing animated films, and Prince of Egypt is definitely one of them. It is undeniably beautiful and just the parting of the Red Sea scene took years to put together. Not to take anything away from the work Disney does, but to count out other studios is a mistake.

Prince of Egypt also does an amazing job of dealing with very serious and dark themes; particularly slavery and sacrifice. Even though this is an animated film, it’s definitely not a ‘kids’ movie. However, it always depends on the maturity level of the individual. It’s geared more towards teens, but the right younger kid would be fine with it.

The real interesting thing about Prince of Egypt is that it’s actually a pretty unique take on the Moses story. Particularly that when he’s speaking with God, God has Moses’ voice and the voice of those around him. Almost to ask, who is god really? It’s not trying to make you consider the existence or non-existence of God. I mean there’s still space magic vis-a-vis the Red Sea scene. It’s just less “Look what God can do,” and more “Look what we can do.”

Prince of Egypt is a great movie and certainly worth revisiting when you’re stuck at home during Passover. Even for non-believers, it’s a movie that can easily be enjoyed. Let us know what you think of this Dreamworks classic over on Twitter, and then settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!