Saved! is a long time favorite of ours. Not only is it a satirical (but not cynical) take on religion in America, it also stars a few of our faves. Mandy Moore has always been the underdog in Britney and XTina’s world, but she gets out there and does the work. We love her, she’s wonderful. Our other, less likely fave is Macaulay Culkin. We all just grew up in the right time to love him. Since then, we’ve loved seeing him taking on weird roles like this one after doing mostly nothing for 10 years. And we can’t forget Patrick Fugit and Jena Malone.

Saved! is a high school coming of age comedy (you remember those) about a devout girl who finds out her boyfriend is gay, sleeps with him to try to cure him, and becomes pregnant. On the surface this is already interesting, but the conversations it starts are even more so. It’s easy to look at Hilary (Mandy Moore) and think she’s just wrong. Her religious beliefs made her think she could fix his “gayness”. Of course that’s incorrect, but how is she supposed to know otherwise? She was raised to think that way with next to no other perspectives. In her mind, she’s sacrificing her own innocence, itself a sin in her mind as it’s sex before marriage, in order to help save (see what they did there) her boyfriend. In that regard, she’s acting completely selflessly. Where do you stand?

As mentioned, the movie is a satire, but it’s a very genuine look at this weird world of religion. It’s not trying to take the piss or make you point and laugh at the next christian you see. Saved! merely wants you to think about your own beliefs and where they are rooted. And maybe open your mind to some other ways of thinking.

Have you seen Saved!? If so, let us know what you think over on Twitter! We love hearing from you guys, especially since we’re stuck in quarantine we’ll take all the human interaction we can get. So settle on in for today’s religion-fueled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!