Scream was both a send up and a redefinition of the horror genre. It made a mockery of the so-called “rules” of horror movies and proceeded to break every one of them. The result was a very funny and very scary new take on a genre that director Wes Craven helped build in the first place.

We’ve been threatening to revisit this classic for a while. Horror is having a bit of a moment again and examining this watershed moment from horror’s past seemed like a good idea. And it was! Scream really holds up. Even by today’s standards it has some truly horrifying moments. And they certainly don’t skimp on the gore. I mean we see someone’s guts less than five minute into the opening scene. But it’s not full of cheap jump scares that you can just laugh off. Sure there are a few, but Scream thrives in the legitimate dread it is able to create despite its own tropiness.

Scream is a great movie, then and now, so of course we aren’t the only ones that think that. Our friend Stefan is a big time Scream lover too and he is joining us today! We’re very excited to finally have him on the show! Today we’re just going to be touching on the very first movie. But rest assured we will be going through the sequels and maybe even the TV show eventually! For now though, join us in the wayback machine as we take a trip to 1996 for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!